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Neue Messe
New Fair Exhibition Grounds

LEIPZIG ArchitecTours

An Architectural Journey of Discovery
in Seven Tours


A Film by Klaus F. Linscheid

Stelzenhaus am Karl-Heine-Kanal
Stilthouase, Karl-Heine-Kanal
Treppenhaus im Waldstraßenviertel
Stairwell Waldstraßenv.
Porsche Service-Centre
"ArchitecTours" is a new format of an architecture- and cityguide presented by Architektur und Medien. The concept is very simple: A video about architecture on DVD, which presents the essentials of a city to you: the city's buildings.

Dive into the thrilling charme of Leipzig and set out on your journey of discovery. There is much more to find out than you might guess. In seven subject-orientated tours you will see Leipzig with different eyes.

Leipzig is not just a city of trade fairs and exhibitions, the publishing city or the former place of work of Johann Sebastian Bach. Leipzig has both remarkable historic monuments and contemporary architecture by internationally well-known architects.

During the past 15 years Leipzig has changed unlike almost any other German cities. The "boomtown of the east" meanwhile is as attractive as it has seldom been in the past.

On these pages you will find a survey of the film. 50 buildings are presented to you with many pictures and for every of the seven tours you will find a videoclip. Watch the right column for this symbol or click here for an index of the videoclips.

If you would like to go deeper into the matter, you can order the DVD for only 19,95 Euro here.

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