Is there a NTSC standard version available?

If you need a NTSC DVD (i. e. for the American market), please contact us. We will try to get back to you very soon. Otherwise you can try to play the DVD on your computer. This normally should work well.

Will the DVD play outside the area of Europe and Japan (DVD region code 2)?

Yes. The DVD is code free, so you should be able to play the DVD on any PAL DVD player.

On a 16:9 widescreen TV the picture is not full screen. What can I do?

Please check the settings of your DVD player. You must choose 16:9 widescreen-format. Depending on how you connect your player to your TV, you have to choose 16:9 on your TV-set as well.

On my 4:3 TV set the picture is stretched horizontally.

Please check the settings of your DVD player. A standard 4:3 TV set needs the picture to be "letterboxed" by the DVD player. You get horizontal stripes on top and bottom of your TV set and the picture will be OK.

Problems loading the videoclips from the website

You can watch the videoclips in WMV-format for Windows Mediaplayer. If you have problems, please contact us. We will gladly assist you.

Depending on the available bandwidth of your internet connection and the download speed you can chose one of the following resolutions:

  • ADSL, 320 x 176, 1000 Kbps
  • ISDN, 240 x 128, 250 Kbps

If you can't watch the video inside the browser-window, please feel free to directly load the videoclips to your harddisk (right mouse button, save target under ...)

Tour 1, Katharinenstrasse, ISDN
Tour 1, Katharinenstraße DSL

Tour 2, Arcades, ISDN
Tour 2, Arcades, DSL

Tour 3, Church of St. Thomas, ISDN
Tour 3, Church of St. Thomas, DSL

Tour 4, Museum of Fine Arts, ISDN
Tour 4, Museum of Fine Arts, DSL

Tour 5, Porsche Service-Centre, ISDN
Tour 5, Porsche Service-Centre, DSL

Tour 6, Waldstrassenviertel, ISDN
Tour 6, Waldstrassenviertel, DSL

Tour 7, Plagwitz, ISDN
Tour 7, Plagwitz, DSL

For best quality viewing please use a component cable (YUV cable) to connect your DVD player to your TV set. If you own a very new DVD player and a new TV set, you might also have a DVI or HDMI connection available. This digital connection will even more enhance viewing quality.

If your DVD player provides you with a "progressive" setting, use this.

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Leipziger Blätter. Zeitschrift für Architektur, Denkmalpflege, Stadtansichten, Geschichte, Traditionen, Bildende Kunst, Musik und Theater. Twice a year by Passage-Verlag. www.leipzigerblaetter.de
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